About Us

Stand out at any events with branded and Custom Tyre Stickers. Our high-quality tyres stickers are sure to get everyone talking!

After many years of being in the car scene. After watching countless YouTube videos of car shows, it became apparent that “Car Stickers” were very popular and everyone seemed to love them. After doing some research it became clear that the only way to get these tyre stickers is from abroad, which is costly and takes a long time with shipping. That’s why we started REVV WHEELS, with the goal to become the biggest supplier of car decals/stickers in the India.

With our in-house designing and manufacturing unit, we provide brand and total customizable tyre stickers for all automobiles. Whether it is a car, motorcycle, truck, bus or bicycle you name it, we get it covered.

We firmly upholds by the philosophy of “CUSTOMER FIRST”, We put in our maximum efforts to satisfy our customers through precise and top quality products at most affordable price. We also offer in time delivery and good service of the products ordered without hindering the quality of your ordered goods. We have a team of young and dynamic professionals who are dedicated to understand and design the quality of tyre sticker to suit customer’s specific needs.

The customer’s impression about a product and it’s company is reflected by the quality of the sticker used for product making. We keep ourselves abreast with the new technologies to offer better quality and consistency in the supply of reliable tyre sticker to our customers. We do not offer any guarantee or warranty of the product once used by the customers. We also do not entertain exchange of products or any kind of refund once the product is used. Above cases would be considered as an exception only if the product delivered gets vandalized during shipping or delivery. We adhere to supplying the best products to our valued customers which makes us the most dependable company in India. We are the only tyre sticker supplier in India to offer the best quality sticker available anywhere across India at most affordable price.

You can also create your own sticker on our website by just filling up few details in “CUSTOM DESIGN” Section